Freelance Art Director, Julien Hérrison has +7 years experience helping brands portray their unique selling proposition and distinguish themselves from their competitors. (more…)

Art Director for Y&R and author of ‘C’est Qui les Créas?,’ Gregory Ferembach has +6 years experience helping clients find the right idea to make advertising, print, digital and/or advertising campaigns. (more…)

Depth of character is absolutely counterintuitive for brands, which usually champion one or two attributes and miss out on chances to humanize themselves and captivate consumers.

Don’t automatically take what people say at face value. People change their minds a lot.

Also situations and research changes people’s perspectives all the time.

Listen to what people say, but trust yourself to do a good job and go with your gut, then find a balance.

Everything comes from your brief. The quality of your campaign is directly reflected in the quality of your brief.

Vague and imprecise briefs cost brands and agencies precious time and money in the idea brainstorming phase, and the final advertisement will probably not be something that everyone involved is happy with.

Consumers tend to have a bad opinion about advertising, mostly because the great majority of the advertising they’re exposed to nowadays isn’t very good.

Many brands with big advertising budgets invest in saturating the consumer’s field of perception, be it in books, on television, or in the metro.

This makes it easy for consumers to come to the conclusion that all advertising is bad when bad or mediocre advertising is all they see.

90% of my time is invested in coming up with ideas, once the client agrees on one of our ideas, that is when my job really begins.

The remaining 10% of my job is implementing that idea.

Creatives, the ones who would actually create your campaign, may have worked for multiple different agencies throughout their career, so the most important test is to ask questions about the agency’s philosophy to see if it is in line with yours.

If your ideals and vision align, then the ad agency is probably a good match.

Less is more.

Find the right idea and be able to summarize it in just a few words.

Come up with a kickass brief and a good idea (which is the most difficult bit).

That is the secret to powerful campaigns, regardless of how much money you have.

Art Director for Y&R, Akim Zerouali has +25 years experience interpreting briefs and coming up with advertising and branding solutions for clients. (more…)

Part-time Art Director for Y&R and independent graphic designer, Cédric Quissola has +7 years’ experience interpreting briefs and coming up with advertising and branding solutions for clients. (more…)

Art Director for Y&R in Paris, Arnaud Marullaz has +6 years’ experience interpreting briefs and coming up with advertising and branding solutions for clients. (more…)

Advertising is a mass media approach, whereas customer relationship management is a personalized approach. You have to know precisely who your clients are, their needs, their behavior, and with this data you can develop a very personalized approach to engage a relathionship. You need to send the right and pertinent message. It’s a different communication.

Bérénice Goales, Client Services Director for Wunderman

When you’re dealing with a limited budget and time constraints, you have to anticipate every little detail. Everything has to run like clockwork and be taken care of down to the smallest detail. Additional expenses aren’t included in the original price; that’s why when you make an original estimate keep into account extra money to act as a cushion just in case something happens.

Sylvie Reveillard, Art Buyer for The Shop

Art Buyer for The Shop (a subsidiary of Y&R), Sylvie Réveillard has +25 years experience working with photographers, models, artistic directors and creative directors organizing advertising projects and turning mock-ups into the final product. (more…)

International coordinator for Young & Rubicam, Laurence Maas has +14 years experience exporting advertising spots between countries. (more…)