The flavor of the month will date a commercial quickly, and generally over-used actors might not make your commercial sound distinguishable. Use a voice that’s memorable, but don’t just think of the obvious actors: it will help to… Read More

Whatever medium you are working in, try to involve the consumer as much as possible. Advertising Concept Book (Second Edition) by Pete Barry

Listeners respond most forcefully to emotional complexity, a depth of feeling enhanced by clever arrangements that kept throwing out surprises, and the back-and-forth between tension and release. Greg Kot “Are sad songs better?” (via peterspear)

The fact that so many great TV ads can work in print is a sign of their brilliant simplicity. Whether the idea was intended for print or TV is not important: it’s as if they were created as… Read More

A lot of directors make mistakes in (filming videos) when you shoot too long and don’t get your ass to the edit. Lil Jon – All-Star Celebrity Apprentice 2013 Episode 9

If 90% of your traffic is coming from Facebook, then what would you do if Facebook’s next policy change tampers with your traffic flow? If Google search (paid and organic) makes up 90% of your traffic, then what… Read More

The ‘one frame’ goal is another form of reductionism. By definition, the simplest ad needs only one cut, or camera set-up (not including the end frame). This is not a rule you need to place on every script… Read More

The only real danger that exists is man himself. He is the great danger, and we are pitifully unaware of it. We are the origin of all coming evil. Trans-Humanism: Genetic Modification of all Life

When you create any idea for (video), ask yourself honestly: will this stand up to repeat viewing? Avoid anything that might quickly annoy and irritate (either the entire concept, or part of the idea such as dialogue or… Read More

When people try and predict the future, they basically take the most visible form of progress they’ve seen in their own lifetime and they sort of extrapolate. But what actually happens with progress is that the next big… Read More

Our happiness or desire about anything is largely determined by our expectation, not by the reality. If you can change the expectation, the actual experience massively improves. The next revolution will be psychological not technological by Rory Sutherland

You can go from knowing nothing about any skill that you can think of with just 20 hours of focused, deliberate practice. But there’s a way to practice intelligently and efficiently to ensure that you invest those 20… Read More

It’s the way in which your product relates to the human that makes it so powerful. The next revolution will be psychological not technological by Rory Sutherland

When titling your script, avoid the temptation to rush the title of your TV script. Titles may seem relatively trivial, but they can be important for various reasons: 1.) it gives the script an identity. Naturally, the title… Read More

The end frame (of your video) can be a simple cut away to a blank screen with the tagline and logo neatly centered (voice over optional). It’s a simple, clever, and relevant way to give (your video) some… Read More

Three fundamental questions to answer before a good idea can be a viral idea: 1.) Would anyone with no interest in this product care about the idea? It needs to hold a human truth that transcends what the… Read More

Due to the reduction of consumers’ attention spans and information overload, it’s more important than ever to be quick, interesting, and true. Advertising Concept Book (Second Edition) by Pete Barry

Seven key ingredients that determine whether a message will be passed on by people: 1.) An immediately outstanding story 2.) Stickiness (in people’s minds) 3.) Relevance 4.) Portability (how free the idea is of barriers) 5.) Shareability (how… Read More