Capturing and providing pictures of your event, your products or whatever else works with what your event revolves around will increase your chances of media sharing information about your event. Digital images will increase the shareability and search… Read More

My business model is that I give away about 98% of my material free, and then about 2% of it is ‘premium courses – online pre-recorded video courses ranging from 14 days to 8 weeks and from a… Read More

It really disappoints me when I see creatives watching Youtube, and I think ‘Why are you watching Youtube? What’s the point? It’s been done already! Sir John Hegarty for The Blank Sheet Project

Brands often assume that because an idea is shareable then people will share it. Not so. Each idea should be ‘social by design.’ The question you should ask yourself isn’t, ‘Why would someone share share this?’ The question… Read More