178. How To Run A Business: A Collection Of Ways To Make Your Videos Go Viral

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174. 10 Commandments to Making an Award-Winning Viral Music Video

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Juxtaposition is the art of placing together a number of contrasting objects or ideas, usually two. Used effectively, it captures our imaginations immediately, making it one of the most valuable techniques any creater can employ to dramatize their… Read More

You can’t be good at everything. The skill is to work with someone who is good at what you are not. Hegarty on Creativity by Sir John Hegaty of BBH

When you’re trying something new, you’re in a very vulnerable place. You’re not even sure if it’s the right thing to do. Ramit Sethi on Google Talks

Snap judgments and rapid decisions often lead to poor work. The ability to stand back from your thinking and give it what we call ‘the overnight test’ is essential. Unfortunately, we live in a world today that too… Read More

We live in an age with daunting problems. We need the best ideas; we need them now; we need them to spread fast. The common good is a meme that was overwhelmed by intellectual property. Everything is a… Read More

Advertising works by a process of Unconscious Behaviorism. We are being conditioned by the media on a deep unconscious level and it is this implicit associative emotional conditioning that drives our brand preferences. We make decisions by emotional… Read More

With a different package design, people will talk about it more. Just like that a little brand can be in competition with a global leader. 46. Marine Soyez, Art Director for Pixelis

What makes a great event is great promotion and a press kit will help dispel every component of your brand. Event promotion should consist of press releases, emails and phone calls. The event should receive coverage on TV,… Read More

Capturing and providing pictures of your event, your products or whatever else works with what your event revolves around will increase your chances of media sharing information about your event. Digital images will increase the shareability and search… Read More

Smaller businesses cannot and should not use the same package branding design strategy as big brands. If you’re a new company, then top priority is visibility. 46. Marine Soyez, Art Director for Pixelis

When I’m confronted with a brief, I think: ‘This could make me and the client famous.’ Sir John Hegarty for The Blank Sheet Project

It really disappoints me when I see creatives watching Youtube, and I think ‘Why are you watching Youtube? What’s the point? It’s been done already! Sir John Hegarty for The Blank Sheet Project

Determine the top 10 or so landing pages and track every channel through which your visitors find you – no matter how miniscule; I track it to find its origin. It might be a blog post comment you… Read More

One of the most important elements in determining the success of a product or service is the extent to which its publicity gets talked about; this is arguably a far more indicator of success than the quality (how-ever… Read More

Three fundamental questions to answer before a good idea can be a viral idea: 1.) Would anyone with no interest in this product care about the idea? It needs to hold a human truth that transcends what the… Read More