238. 10 Hours with Nathaniel Drew: Filmmaker, Photographer, Digital Nomad

50 videos. 152 links. 156+ takeaways and 100 questions to test your mastery of this lesson.

237. 20 Hours with Tai Lopez: Investor, Entrepreneur & Author

17 videos. 184 links. 223+ takeaways and 100 questions to test your mastery of this lesson.

236. Special Request: How to handle the police until your lawyer arrives

18+ Takeaways from this 6 minute talk:

235. Special Request: Social media & its consequence on human psychology

31+ takeaways from this 93 minute interview:

234. How coronavirus (Covid-19) & influenza viruses jump from animals to humans

7+ takeaways from this lesson:

233. Special Request: How to study smarter, not harder

19+ takeaways from this 60 minute lecture:

232. The Difference Between Long-Term Success & Mediocrity

9+ important takeways from this 6 minute video:

229. Special Request: Becoming a strategic advisor to your clients

11 takeaways from this 18 minute lecture:

228. Special Request: Anatomy of a Top Candidate Salary Negotiation

16 strategies taken from this negotiation roleplay:

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214. Critical Thinking: 7 Habits of Highly-Effective People

09 takeaways from this video:

209. Self-Defense: What’s The Most Effective Self-Defense System to Learn As Quickly As Possible?

04 takeaways from this interview:

204. Critical Thinking: How Donald Trump Uses Language to Persuade

24 takeaways from this video:

202. The End of Humanity? What Happens If Humans Disappear

11 takeaways from this video:

198. How to Tell Stories that Motivate, Inspire, Move, and Change People

26 takeaways from this video:

195. Louis C.K. on How To Overcome Weaknesses & Reach Success

11 takeaways from this 22 minute interview

192. How Diplomats Balance Confidentiality & Transparency In The Digital Age

11 takeaways from this talk:

190. Why Humans Sleep, What Happens When They Do & The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

05 takeaways from this video:

189. Conducting Effective Negotiations When You HAVE TO Have The Deal

22 takeaways from this lecture:

181. The Awkward Relationship Between Doctors & Pharmaceutical Companies

10 takeaways from this video: