205. User Interface Design: How Consumers Tell You What They Want

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186. How to Build an Amazing UI/UX Design & Why You’re Overthinking It

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175. The Curse of Incorrect Door Handle Design and How It Can Be Fixed

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157. User Interface Design: Psychological Bases For UI Design Rules

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133. User Interface Design: Step-By-Step User Interface Workshop

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99. How To Start A Startup: How To Build Products That Your Users Will Love

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50. Timoni West, Freelance Product Designer

Freelance Product Designer Timoni West has 10 years experience designing user experiences to help brands turn visitors into consumers.

There are plenty of people who are not very good web developers and not even necessarily good web designers, but they’re good at using the tools available to them, and if their design and message are good enough… Read More

Design is about solving problems that humans have, not problems that products have. Mills Baker. “Designer Duds” (via peterspear)

If your blog requires serious interaction with your main website such as blog posts that allow for one-click shopping, then using the same CMS makes integration easier. If you’ve already created a blog and later launched a website… Read More

Learning where online customers skip through content or that they fail to reach potentially important information at the bottom of a page can enable specific weaknesses to be identified. Consumer.ology by Philip Graves

There’s barely a product or service on the market today that customers can’t buy from somewhere else for about the same price, about the same quality, about the same level of service and about the same features. If… Read More

Identifying how long visitors to a site spend on each page can reveal how well it is serving its function of helping them find their ultimate destination on the site and how engaged they find it when they… Read More

One day my manager showed me a horrible graph. It was pretty simple: the graph was steady, then it dropped straight down, then after a short period, the line shot straight back up and stayed level again: “That’s… Read More

Brands add value not in the product but rather within our minds. That’s because our enjoyment is shaped by our expectations and these are molded by our memories. 7 unconscious errors we make when buying brands by Douglas Van… Read More

We can all see when a website is too slow, is intrinsically non-ergonomic, or is sketchy and can’t be trusted. John Foland, Web Developer & Entrepreneur

Web developers do all of the messy, behind the scenes work, creating the engine that drives the functionalities and user interface. They create the very essence of a website or webapp, working with a variety of technologies, the… Read More

If you sell a product, then you need a good navigation system with a clear way for your visitor to understand how and why to buy your product or service. Have a design that doesn’t take focus away… Read More

When it comes down to a real purchase decision, the unconscious mind’s desire to avoid risks can often make the choice of something new feel far less appealing. Consumer.ology by Philip Graves

Finding a way to live tests products, services, and marketing communication ideas is the only reliable way of evaluating consumer response. Consumer.ology by Philip Graves