Three fundamental questions to answer before a good idea can be a viral idea:

1.) Would anyone with no interest in this product care about the idea? It needs to hold a human truth that transcends what the agency or client thinks is good.

2.) Is it new? There must be a hook that makes you want to explore and share.

3.) Does it help express something on behalf of an audience in a way that they can’t? It should help them articulate love, loss, hope, fear, or hope, etc, to their friends and family.

Seven key ingredients that determine whether a message will be passed on by people:

1.) An immediately outstanding story

2.) Stickiness (in people’s minds)

3.) Relevance

4.) Portability (how free the idea is of barriers)

5.) Shareability (how ‘networking cementing’ it is)

6.) Timing/actuality

7.) The hook (the one-liner that grabs your attention)