The final twist. The approach of ‘sending a person in one way then pulling the rug from under them’ is a perfect, popular technique in TV commercials. In fact, it’ a tried and tested method.

Many brands with big advertising budgets invest in saturating the consumer’s field of perception, be it in books, on television, or in the metro.

This makes it easy for consumers to come to the conclusion that all advertising is bad when bad or mediocre advertising is all they see.

Television advertisements in the middle of an exciting sports game are rated more highly than when the game lacks suspense.

Consumer.ology by Philip Graves

The fact that so many great TV ads can work in print is a sign of their brilliant simplicity. Whether the idea was intended for print or TV is not important: it’s as if they were created as one.

On a daily basis, you frequently make an unconscious decision not to do something new…

…to put your shoes on in the same order…

…to buy the same newspaper every day…

…to watch an episode of a television series even though you’ve seen it several times before.

Consumer.ology by Philip Graves