234. How coronavirus (Covid-19) & influenza viruses jump from animals to humans

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210. Critical Thinking: 3 Ways Arab Businesswomen Can Find Equality In Male-Dominated Societies

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208. Critical Thinking: Why You Believe You’re Right Even When You’re Wrong

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205. User Interface Design: How Consumers Tell You What They Want

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199. How to Ensure Your Presentations Will Inspire and Change The World

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194. What Makes Successful People Successful & How to Copy Them

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190. Why Humans Sleep, What Happens When They Do & The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

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180. The Secret to Success & Why Should You Read A Book A Day?

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at TEDx Talks at the Institut Des Hautes Etudes à Paris 2016

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178. How To Run A Business: A Collection Of Ways To Make Your Videos Go Viral

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177. Criminal Profiling: Exploring The Mind of Killers & Psychopaths

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174. 10 Commandments to Making an Award-Winning Viral Music Video

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172. How Netflix and Amazon Pleasure You through Data-Driven Algorithms

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168. Sex & Dating: The 3 Phases of Love & Why We Love and Cheat

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143. Critical Thinking: Learning Languages & The Benefits of A Multilingual Brain

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141. Critical Thinking: Why You Should Be Suspicious of the Stories You Hear

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86. The Negative Effects of Wealth & Success, and How to Exploit Them

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59. Derek Sivers on Charitable Trusts, Pre-Internet Guerilla Marketing & Becoming a Semi-Expert

Author of Anything You Want, and founder of Go To Launch, Derek Sivers has 10+ years experience running businesses and helping entrepreneurs succeed.

Presentations have the power to change the world, when you communicate effectively through them. Nancy Duarte for TEDx

Reach inside and pull from the hearts of your audience. Pull from scripture (religion), songs (that they have sung together), and use those as a device to connect and resonate with your audience. Painting a picture of a… Read More