You cannot achieve great design without aiming for major visual impact. Design is like art. People talk about strong design like they talk about great art. Jet>Lag by Jean-Marie Dru

As soon as a brand’s vision of itself has been identified, it means that the brand can adjust the things it does, from the specifications for new product development to packaging design to choosing new modes of distribution…. Read More

Sometimes you have someone who isn’t used to working in communication – A person educated and with a strong background in engineering or banking, for example, but for a reason I don’t know they move into advertising. Of… Read More

Get the best idea/product in your industry that can replace communication. If your product/service is unbelievable, consumers will talk about it. Marketing done is important, but marketing done by real clients is the best form of marketing. Eric… Read More

Quality is about good ideas. It’s also about production values and attention to detail. Every second needs to be as good as it can. The quality will lie in the storytelling. Skill in storytelling will make the difference…. Read More

People judge companies on the ‘triple bottom line’: 1) Economic power 2) Environmental impact 3) Social effect Everything a company achieves in one of these fields reinforces everything it does in another of those fields. Greater respect for… Read More

Watch feature films, read comic books, visit expositions – eat everything up! You have to train your eye and your brain. You might see something that means nothing to a problem directly, but it opens something in your… Read More

It seems inevitable that some time soon, a distinction will be made between companies that make a real contribution to the common good and those that don’t. Those that create jobs and protect the environment as opposed to… Read More

Consumers are more clever & open-minded than you’d believe. Eric Holden, Executive Creative Director for TBWA

The client’s goal is almost always the same: -How to show my product/service is the most advanced? -How to show my product/service is the best quality? -How to show my product/service has the best ROI? -Etc. That’s why… Read More

If a message is not at least somewhat entertaining, it will be ignored and zapped. Today, companies know you need to seduce people, not just convince them. You need to entertain, not just sell. Jet>Lag by Jean-Marie Dru

Being an executive creative director is different from being a creative because directors are farther away from the creative process and have more administrative responsibilities. When you’re further away from the campaign you manage many briefs at the… Read More

People channel-hop. They don’t see our ads as frequently as we’d like. Unless they actively want to see them. The more they like an ad, the more they’ll see it. This is a new relationship between quality and… Read More

Every advertising campaign begins with a question – the problem that the advertising campaign has to solve. Having the right question saves a lot of time in the creative process. Once you have the right question, coming up… Read More

Insight rests on identifying some small detail, the relevance and accuracy of which seems instantly obvious the minute it is expressed. Insights are incursions into people’s lives and minds. They steal in and grab something hidden. Any ad… Read More

Come up with creative ideas for marketing, not communication. First make best product. Second make the best idea on your product. To do this you have to be connected with the people (your consumers) by asking a lot… Read More

You can’t rely on things you’ve accomplished. Advertising is a job of perpetual change and challenges, and you deal with different clients from different industries which evolves really fast: media world, internet world, communication systems change everyday. You… Read More

In the world in which we now live, no single factor can be considered in isolation. Everything contributes to everything else. Everything depends on everything else. Never have individual lives been so dependent on collective destiny. Jet>Lag by Jean-Marie… Read More

Art and advertising have for a long time conducted an incestuous relationship. Their meeting is often unpredictable but fertile. Jet>Lag by Jean-Marie Dru

Many brands are in for a surprise, especially as young Internet users see themselves as web experts capable of influencing others. Large numbers of them discuss the advantages and disadvantages of products in forums. Many post brand logos… Read More