The research interview process does more than merely ignore critical components of why people behave as they do, it changes how and what they think.

Consumer.ology by Philip Graves

The best briefs are when the creative team leaves the brief meeting with ideas already in their head.

If your brief is boring, or leaves the creative team with more questions than answers, or worst, demotivated, then your creative brief was a failure.

Include just enough information to spark creativity- you should be able to accomplish this in one page.

Today’s youth view content such as music as a form of free public service.

So business models that charge for access to content isn’t as lucrative or acceptable today as it was in the past.

Brands must take the changing generation’s beliefs into consideration.

Consider the cultural barriers preventing the consumer from hearing your message.

Because we know Millenials are looking to be curators of information, brands can reach them by helping them shine socially.