How to Shape Human Behavior for Advertisers

TABLE OF CONTENTS How does the advertising process work? I want to hire a professional. How can I tell the good from the bad? What misconceptions do brands commonly have about marketing? Branding Strategy Business Models Products, Services… Read More

The research interview process does more than merely ignore critical components of why people behave as they do, it changes how and what they think. Consumer.ology by Philip Graves

The best briefs are when the creative team leaves the brief meeting with ideas already in their head. If your brief is boring, or leaves the creative team with more questions than answers, or worst, demotivated, then your… Read More

Today’s youth view content such as music as a form of free public service. So business models that charge for access to content isn’t as lucrative or acceptable today as it was in the past. Brands must take… Read More

Consider the cultural barriers preventing the consumer from hearing your message. Because we know Millenials are looking to be curators of information, brands can reach them by helping them shine socially. 42. Ivan Pejcic, Strategic Planner for Ogilvy

When I’m confronted with a brief, I think: ‘This could make me and the client famous.’ Sir John Hegarty for The Blank Sheet Project

Brands seek out new branding strategies for many reasons: – An issue with their product or product line – A bad reputation among users or in the press – Prices – Etc. Therefore, the first questions you must… Read More

Researching a product may uncover ‘hard facts,’ which is great. But sometimes you have to think around the product in order to come up with a unique idea or proposition. There’s no point having a unique proposition that… Read More

Arguably the hardest part of advertising is making the move from creating single execution one-shots to ideas that are big enough to work as a campaign, with numerous executions. Advertising Concept Book (Second Edition) by Pete Barry

Avoid ‘headline repeating visual’ (‘see-say’). This is one of the most common mistakes made by inexperienced advertising students, in which part of the headline (or the entire headline) is repeating what the visual is already communicating. Advertising Concept… Read More

Brands have literally shut off the excitement that people need to feel when purchasing a product. By relying on flawed consumer research, brands have taken on a look of ubiquity and sameness that has lead to a generic… Read More

Print advertising is considered to be advertising’s hardest creative discipline, especially compared to broadcast (TV and radio). Think about it, a print ad has to communicate an idea in a few seconds rather than thirty, the images can’t… Read More

Research more than you could possibly need on each particular subject. Why? Because if you research only according to your first impressions on a project, or according to preconceived ideas about what you will finish up with, your… Read More

Finding new ways to sell a product requires a cetain amount of lateral thinking, and a considerable amount of original thinking. Once you have a clear strategy in place, you should be able to create multiple campaign ideas… Read More

Consumers are not rational beings. There is an unconscious collective out there that is far beyond what we see in the marketplace. We barely understand the depth of the emotional vocabulary at our fingertips and people’s relationship with… Read More

You can’t ask people what they want; most people don’t know or can’t or won’t say how they feel. Brand Jam by Marc Gobé

People can associate colors to fragrances; an important insight when designing packaging. Brand Jam by Marc Gobé

If you’re a small brand, you can be the first to own something big, but aside from the credibility issue, the other danger is that a bigger brand may come along and steal it. That said, there are… Read More

Strategic Planners need to cut to the chase. Out of a massive and growing quantity of information, of fact and impression, a planner’s job is to cull that one thought that will stimulate those working on an account…. Read More