We live in an age with daunting problems.

We need the best ideas; we need them now; we need them to spread fast.

The common good is a meme that was overwhelmed by intellectual property.

When was the last time you mentored somebody who was less experienced than you?

When was the last time you tried to bring together your community and do things for your community?

Most broadcast stations have a public service quota to fill. If your event helps the greater good, creating a short radio spot will not only gain free advertising, but will convey the not for profit essence of your event.

Don’t have a philanthropic element to your event? It’s the perfect incentive to team up with one and give back to your community.

As a creative person, you have to have a philosophy. You have to have something you believe in. If you don’t believe in a style or point of view in your work, you’ll never be a great creative person coming into the creative world.

People judge companies on the ‘triple bottom line’:
1) Economic power
2) Environmental impact
3) Social effect

Everything a company achieves in one of these fields reinforces everything it does in another of those fields. Greater respect for the environment and taking the public good into account heightened corporate presence. They increase the corporation’s impact and thus its chances of succeeding at a commercial level.

Jet>Lag by Jean-Marie Dru

It seems inevitable that some time soon, a distinction will be made between companies that make a real contribution to the common good and those that don’t. Those that create jobs and protect the environment as opposed to those that feel no compulsion to do so. Not all companies should be treated in the same manner.

Jet>Lag by Jean-Marie Dru

It’s going to be increasingly hard not to take an ethical stance on design. More and more client companies have corporate social responsibility programmes. We are all obliged to take personal responsibility for what we do in our working lives, and to think constantly about the implications of how our actions impact upon society. It’s no longer something we can choose to ignore.

As never before, the period to come will favor collective endeavors. We are entering into a world of interdependence, where the movement of our individual brains matters less than the movement from one brain to the next. Being open to others will provide the foundation for individual inventiveness – and for future wealth creation.

Jet>Lag by Jean-Marie Dru

Generation Y (born 1977-94) demonstrates an unprecedented sensitivity to global issues, such as poverty, war, environmentalism, as well as race, gender, or sexual orientation discrimination issues.

Emotional Branding by Marc Gobé