The more products offered, the less money there is to go around. Everytime you by a Coke, you don’t buy a Pepsi. As the number of companies offering products increases, and as the number of products each company… Read More

In order to capture more attention and more money, marketers must increase spending. Marketers have no choice but to spend a bigger and bigger portion of their company’s budgets on breaking through the clutter. Spending less money than… Read More

Getting a new customer is expensive. It takes money to get his attention, and it takes continuing effort to educate him. Interruption Marketing is expensive, so is the process of winning a customer’s trust. It’s also expensive for… Read More

There are two kinds of labor: physical labor & emotional labor. Emotional labor is what most of us get paid for. Instead of hiding from it, embrace it. If what you did today wasn’t hard, then you probably… Read More

If you have a job where someone else is telling you exactly what to do, they can find someone cheaper than you to do it. Why Leaders Should Think Like Artists interview with Seth Godin

Part of what happens if you’re going to be an entrepreneur or a freelancer is you’re paying attention to the audience. One email every 10 seconds could make or break your day. You have to decide first ‘are… Read More

If a programmer has 2,000 people who read her blog and she is good, she doesn’t need her company anymore. If she gets laid off, she’ll get 10 job offers before tomorrow because she is connected to people… Read More

The question I would ask entrepreneurs and freelancers is: Do more people trust you and pay attention to you today than six months ago? And what are you going to do between now and six months from now… Read More

In a world where we can connect with whomever we want, why would we connect to someone who is boring and selfish? We’re going to connect with people who are interesting, walking the tight rope, and generous. Why… Read More

Design a business where each customer brings you new customers, where the more it gets used, the better it works. Seth Godin

You’re not looking for new customers for your products, you’re looking for new products for your customers. If you end up with 80 angry litigaters as your client, expect that your business isn’t going to grow. On the… Read More

It takes three years to become an overnight success, sometimes more. Seth Godin

If they don’t get it, go somewhere that does. You don’t get tomorrow over again. If you’re working with people who are truly stuck, go find someone who gets it. Your job isn’t to make something for everyone…. Read More

Connection creates value. No one is stopping you from doing that except the little voice in your head. You don’t need the New Yorker or CBS or the Huffington Post to say yes. If you want to organize… Read More

If they don’t get it, go somewhere where they do. Seth Godin

The people who are making a dent in the universe are doing it by leading the people in charge to make better decisions. Seth Godin: Backwards