Marketing is the act of inventing the product. The effort of designing it. The craft of producing it. The art of pricing it. The technique of selling it. Purple Cow by Seth Godin

People in masks are rarely good citizens, and they virtually never buy anything. Anonymity leads to spam, to onetime visits, to a lack of marketing effectiveness, and to bad behavior. Great marketers entice consumers to give up anonymity…. Read More

Your Web site for new prospects should be small and fast and simple, and it should collect e-mail addresses in exchange for a promise of a benefit. Once you collect that data, care for it. Permission Marketing by Seth… Read More

Most companies are so afraid of offending or appearing ridiculous that they steer far away from any path that might lead them to this result. They make boring products because they don’t want to be interesting. Purple Cow by… Read More

The obvious winners are the mid-sized and smaller companies looking to increase market share. These are the companies that have nothing to lose, but more important, they realize that they have a lot to gain by changing the… Read More

The best the timid can hope for is to be unnoticed. Criticism comes to those who stand out. Purple Cow by Seth Godin

What would happen if you gave the marketing budget for your next three products to the designers? Could you afford a world-class architect/designer/sculptor/director/author? Purple Cow by Seth Godin

By targeting the center of the market and designing the product accordingly, those marketers waste their marketing dollars. Purple Cow by Seth Godin

The way you break through to the mainstream is to target a niche instead of a huge market. With a niche, you can segment off a chunk of the mainstream, and create an ideavirus so focused that it… Read More

It doesn’t matter what the bait (what you use to entice people to give you permission to start a dialogue with them) is as long as it is relevant to your audience and enhances attention and responsiveness. Permission… Read More

In order to launch a product for the masses, you need to spend big. The problem with a scary budget is that you have to make the ads work, and quickly. If you don’t break through the clutter,… Read More

Do you have the email addresses of the 20 percent of your customer base that loves what you do? If not, start getting them. If you do, what could you make for these customers that would be super-special?… Read More

Permission marketing isn’t about the interruption part of the process. You’re still going to figure out how to reach out and get their attention once. But once you’ve got someone’s attention (especially that rare someone who’s a qualified… Read More

The same word of mouth that can make your product a huge hit can also lead to someone’s snickering at you. Purple Cow by Seth Godin

Banner ads were invented because they were a convenient way for Web content and search sites to make money, not because they worked. Permission Marketing by Seth Godin

Every commercial Web site should be set up to accomplish one goal. Your Web site should be 100 percent focused on signing up strangers to give you permission to market to them. That’s all. Permission Marketing by Seth Godin

It seems that at every turn the Net reminds people how stupid they are. Of course, this is a tremendous opportunity. If you can build simple tools that work, and you can make people feel smart for using… Read More

By spreading the cost of acquiring a new customer over a longer period of time, you can dramatically outpace your competition. Permission Marketing by Seth Godin

Differentiate your customers. Find the group that’s most profitable. Find the group that’s most likely to share. Figure out how to develop/advertise/reward these groups. Ignore the rest. Your ads (and your products!) shouldn’t cater to the masses. your… Read More

People are really good at ignoring you. They have problems that they find far more significant than the ones your product solves, and they’re just not willing to invest the time to listen to you. Purple Cow by Seth… Read More