Very directly, with no sales speak. We need the target audience to recognize themselves in the ad, and then see that your product fits into their lifestyle. It has to be their thought process, not ours, that gets… Read More

If it’s hard to for you to sell to people in your social network who know you, expect it to be more difficult with strangers. Noah Kagan on Wantrepreneurs

One of the hallmarks of shopping is that it’s easy to not even realize you are doing it. You sometimes show up in a store without even the intention of buying, and before you realize it you’re leaving… Read More

Target those who are predisposed to buying, who have some interest in your product, and you will be reaching the most receptive people in your audience. Copywriting for Design, Advertising, and Marketing by Mark Shaw

The brand has spent time and money with marketing, designers, craftsmen, and a variety of experts to choose the materials and make the creation, not to mention logistics, packaging, quality approval, testing, and the list goes on. If… Read More

There are times when a few choice words achieve more than paragraphs of text. Don’t oversell when your clients already want to buy. Invite them in, intrigue them to make sure they remain interested, and let them make… Read More

Karl Lagerfeld sends his Chanel models down the runway in amazing and stunning creations that the core Chanel customer couldn’t seriously contemplate wearing. Yet the customer is inspired by the designs, which appear in all of the magazines… Read More

You can be a super talented creative and do amazing work, but if you don’t know how to talk about it and sell that to the client, then no one’s ever going to see it. Interview with Jessica… Read More

Bad projects are projects that end up as disappointments. They can be disappointing on many levels. They can be creatively disappointing; they can be financially ruinous; they can fail to communicate with their intended audiences. So who is… Read More

Sell the benefits, not the features. Assume your customers say ‘so what?’ to every claim that you make, and then give them the answer before they’ve even thought about the question. You do the hard work for (your… Read More

Often, people are concentrating more on what to buy than thinking about how they are going to present the gift. If the gift is for a special occasion, the time and manner of the presentation may be very… Read More

There is no better advertisement for the value and grace of good graphic design than a well-designed book. When everything is in harmony – typography, images, grids, margins, print quality, paper stock, format, binding and finishing – the… Read More

Generally, when consumers are exposed to products and their advertisements, they don’t perceive a personal ‘need’ for the product, nor do they intend to buy it. Because so many individuals are not actively seeking information about products, stimulating… Read More

NEVER ask people ‘WOULD you buy my product/service.’ Polite people will give you ‘the mom response’: ‘Oh, that’s such a great idea! I would totally buy it!’ But when put on the spot will come up with excuses… Read More

Music most definitely affects the speed of shopping, the amount of time spent in the store, the amount of time people will spend waiting for things, and the amount of money people will spend. Emotional Branding by Marc Gobé

Customers are buying more than just the functionality of the piece. Customers are buying a dream. Sales Ambassadors know that by romancing the creation, they are reinforcing the desire to own the model being presented. Selling Luxury by Robin… Read More

Keep your proposals simple. Putting out too many pieces also diminishes the uniqueness of each piece. A proposal should consist of three or five options. To keep your offer unique and valuable, keep it simple. Selling Luxury by Robin… Read More

Achieving the right atmosphere does more than create an environment in which it is a pleasure to work and receive customers. It also increases sales. Creating and keeping the right atmosphere is part of a Sales Ambassador’s job…. Read More

It is much better for people to want to buy from you than for you to have to sell to them. Copywriting for Design, Advertising, and Marketing by Mark Shaw

Loyalty begins from offering gifts linked to the purchase. Gifts are ways to thank customers for a purchase they have just made. The gesture shows that they are special and sincerely appreciated. Gifts increase each customer’s pleasure and… Read More