Sleep deprivation depletes the glucose level in your pre-frontal cortex. This has consequences for your decision-making: If you don’t get enough sleep, you leave your self-control engine running on empty. If you do get enough sleep, you restore… Read More

Give your event a landing page, website and/or social media profile. In terms of digital marketing, the event should have it’s own social media pages and allow for sharing and RSVPs. Include key messages and constant updates to… Read More

Build systems so that by default we do the right thing instead of hoping that we’re going to make the right decision. Ramit Sethi on Google Talks

Change needs to be ‘inside-out.’ Brand Jam by Marc Gobé

Package design has to fit the price. If there is any incongruence between the price of the product and its perceived value, the consumer will notice the inconsistency and probably won’t take the risk. 46. Marine Soyez, Art… Read More

Who would ever read a 30 page long sales pitch? Only the buyers. Ramit Sethi on Google Talks

Long (content) emails and blog posts filter out the illiterate people who un-subscribe which means the people who are left are highly-committed and want to read it provided it’s adding value and really interesting and engaging. Ramit Sethi on Google… Read More

Detail what your potential consumers can gain and avoid losing by investing in your product. Do that and you’ll get more sales. How to persuade people to pay you more for what you do by Derek Halpern

Creating the appropriate mood around a product – be it by staging an exciting event, wrapping a ‘hot’ celebrity around it, giving it to people when they’re having fun doing something else, or making them feel they’ve got… Read More

Make your customers value your product or service more just by changing the way you ask for the sale. How to persuade people to pay you more for what you do by Derek Halpern

The knowledge you can obtain from just 80 relevant visitors who find your website through relevant channels and who convert (purchase, sign-up, share, comment,…) is much more important than from 1,000 visitors who don’t purchase. Benjamin Descazal, Data… Read More

Producing a product that is 50% cheaper is a different game than producing a product that is $30 cheaper. Merely undercutting (a competitor) by a little bit probably sends out a far worse signal than it creates desire;… Read More

Your competitors probably spend a lot of money on advertising, and it’s possible that your ‘disruptive’ package may catch the consumer’s eye and they may even pick it up out of sheer curiosity. You may even lure them… Read More

Don’t start with advertising. Start from the transaction out. Start close-in to the point of sale and work outwards. What are the barriers that prevent customers from doing business with you? 44. Rory Sutherland, Vice-Chairman of Ogilvy

You cannot bet the future of your business on making your packaging different or more appealing hoping it will be enough. Advertising does need to be a part of your branding strategy so that by the time consumers… Read More

All human behavior is heavily influenced by the environment. Humans interact with and respond to their environment far more than we are aware of at a conscious level. If you want to change your own or someone else’s… Read More

Consumers spend entirely on mood and impulse. Rory Sutherland – The next revolution will be psychological not technological

Sometimes one project can accomplish multiple objectives, but it can’t accomplish everything: increase sales, have better communication, be present on all social media platforms… and on a small budget. Aurélie Chalaye, Account Manager for Ogilvy

Social proof, in the form of bestseller lists, testimonials, or customer reviews, is a hugely influencial factor. Consumer.ology by Philip Graves

A way of identifying a consumer’s preoccupied with risk is through the questions they ask. Consumer.ology by Philip Graves