Sometimes one project can accomplish multiple objectives, but it can’t accomplish everything: increase sales, have better communication, be present on all social media platforms… and on a small budget.

You cannot achieve great design without aiming for major visual impact. Design is like art. People talk about strong design like they talk about great art.

Jet>Lag by Jean-Marie Dru

You have to make the time you spend doing something as interesting and as considered as the thing itself.

I don’t really look at other people’s work. It’s not that I don’t find anyone good. But I think it’s dangerous to get to close to someone else’s work and swallow it.

Consumers tend to avoid uncertainty and lack of information affects their decision making. Consumers will be more likely to choose your product/service if you provide them with a clear understanding of the benefits, and less likely to choose your product/service if the benefits are unknown, or ‘ambiguous’.