Sometimes one project can accomplish multiple objectives, but it can’t accomplish everything: increase sales, have better communication, be present on all social media platforms… and on a small budget.

I don’t really look at other people’s work. It’s not that I don’t find anyone good. But I think it’s dangerous to get to close to someone else’s work and swallow it.

Consumers tend to avoid uncertainty and lack of information affects their decision making. Consumers will be more likely to choose your product/service if you provide them with a clear understanding of the benefits, and less likely to choose your product/service if the benefits are unknown, or ‘ambiguous’.

If you’re selling products or services on your website, you should be aiming for 3 or 4 clicks between your homepage and your final sales page. Momentum is key – keep the customer journey as simple as possible, help people move through your site with minimum effort and you’re less likely to lose them along the way.

If finding what they want within your brand’s offerings makes consumers rub their eyes in confusion, you have a shopability problem. Often a consumer will buy another brand rather than sort it out.

A competitive business model that makes sense in today’s environment might be outdated or even obsolete tomorrow.

Of course we can’t be certain of the future. We can, however, develop a number of hypotheses about the future to serve as guidelines for designing tomorrow’s business models.

There can be a tendancy for people to think that other people are as interested in their product as they are, which isn’t always the case.

A person’s new product is their baby, but not necessarily so for other people.

Other people don’t live for your products, and sometimes people don’t have the sense of reality for what other people really want – what’s important for other people.

Therefore sometimes you have to calm down and understand that it takes time for other people to get as excited about your product as you are.

Rémi Noel, Creative Director for TBWA

A marketable idea doesn’t have to be a big, ground-breaking idea; it just has to provide a solution to a problem or be useful enough that other people are willing to pay for it.

Don’t think innovation; think usefulness.

Just because an advertising campaign works in one country with one demographic and culture, doesn’t mean it will work in another. You have to adjust your objective, your budget, and key performance indicators according to the demographic/market expand to. You have to know your market.

Céline LePrince, Digital Producer for Ogilvy

If the communication doesn’t work, it’s your fault. Therefore it’s in your best interest to have perfected communication to elimate as many things that are out of your control as possible.

Release good news slowly. If you’ve got good news, release it slowly and as piecemeal as you can, because the cumulative effect is much more powerful.

A US study found that with ads reflecting the category style that for every $9 spent, $5 goes to the brand and $4 goes to the category leader.

The risk of using your company’s hard-earned dollars to subsidize the competition.