When you’re trying something new, you’re in a very vulnerable place.

You’re not even sure if it’s the right thing to do.

I know people in tech who love who say ‘Just keep it short! Just keep it concise! Just give with what they need!’

Totally wrong. If you see a page that’s educational, informative; that’s got people like you, you will read a page forever.

Long copy for advanced material always pulls better than short copy.

When you start to become very good at persuasion, you can use it for good or nefarious purposes.

Have a very ethical guideline between:

‘Who do we sell to, and who do we not sell to.’

Efficiency doesn’t build relationships. Quarterly-update newsletters get skimmed and don’t resonate at all.

I would rather get a quick 5-line personal email is so much more effective than a BCC: blast.