Avoid too many distractions and options.

There are an infinite number of things that you could do. Determine the four or five key big wins that matter, and then let the rest of the stuff fall away.

There are two kinds of labor: physical labor & emotional labor.
Emotional labor is what most of us get paid for. Instead of hiding from it, embrace it. If what you did today wasn’t hard, then you probably didn’t create enough value because you probably expose yourself to enough risk and fear.

If you have a job where someone else is telling you exactly what to do, they can find someone cheaper than you to do it.

All the successful people I know are able to prioritize their responsibilities and dedicate themselves to the project at hand without getting distracted. To be efficient you have to be dedicated to what you’re doing at the moment, and avoid skipping from one subject to another as much as possible – make every minute count.

Jean-Baptiste Daudet, Data Consultant for Ogilvy