I often look at the website and then meet the designers to look at their portfolios, and two things frequently strike me:

1) The first is that many designers don’t bother to maintain visual continuity across their printed and online portfolios. This is a fundamental flaw and indicates a designer who can’t maintain a stylistic voice.

2) The other thing I notice is that the featured work is the same online as it is in the physical portfolio.

I’ve seen hundreds of portfolios. I don’t often remember portfolios, but I remember people. When a designer’s ideas are rejected it’s usually because they have been presented badly, and not because they are bad ideas.

Go to advertising schools and look for talented advertising students recently graduated and partner with them. Recent grads need a portfolio to present to advertising agencies, so they’d be willing to help you in exchange for building their portfolio to get them a job.

Ignacio Rodriguez, International Account Manager for TBWA