116. How To Start A Startup: 10 Proclamations To Win New Clients Without Pitching

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87. How To Start A Startup: Introducing Yourself So Investors Want to Invest

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It’s no good having great ideas if you can’t sell them. Hegarty on Creativity by Sir John Hegaty of BBH

When it comes time to pitch, you’ll be amazed by how powerful your persuasion skills have become simply because you understand a little more about the field and what drives it. Hegarty on Creativity by Sir John Hegaty of BBH

We have a responsibility to the truth. The advertising industry needs it and our clients deserve it. Bob Hoffman on The Golden Age of Bullshit

In the traditional ad business, we’re always reminding our client that consumer behavior is not rational. We lecture them on emotion as a factor on buying decisions and brand preferences. We explain to them that an ad is… Read More

The advertising agency business has gotten terribly conglomeratized and consolidated, and I don’t think that’s doing the agency, the employees of the agencies, and the clients of the agencies’ business any favors. Bob Hoffman on The Golden Age of Bullshit

90% of my time is invested in coming up with ideas, once the client agrees on one of our ideas, that is when my job really begins. The remaining 10% of my job is implementing that idea. 45…. Read More

A poor strategy is virtualy impossible to work from. The three biggest culprits in a poorly devised strategy statement tend to be: 1.) the non-single-minded proposition 2.) the lack of credible suppot points 3.) the undefined target audience…. Read More

Free pitching is never going to go away. It’s always going to be the tool of last resort for the outsider, the student, those trying to build experience, or somebody who just wants to take a flyer on… Read More

If you are not viewed as more expert than your competition, then you will be viewed as one in a sea of many, and you will have little power in your relationships with your clients and prospects. Blair… Read More

Design is a profession at crossed roads. On the one hand design is seen as one of the ultimate differentiator between a company’s product and it’s competition. On the other hand, the outputs of graphic design have never… Read More

Interrogating clients is an essential part of being a designer. If we don’t learn to ask questions, we run the risk of never getting to the heart of what good design can be. No question is ever too… Read More

Always finish with a conclusion. This must be short (no more than 100 words) and should be an at-a-glance overview of the proposal. It allows those who can’t be bothered to read your entire document to have it… Read More

A badly designed portfolio sends out a message: bad designer. Graphic Design: A User’s Manual by Adrian Shaughnessy of United Editions

I often look at the website and then meet the designers to look at their portfolios, and two things frequently strike me: 1) The first is that many designers don’t bother to maintain visual continuity across their printed… Read More

I’ve seen hundreds of portfolios. I don’t often remember portfolios, but I remember people. When a designer’s ideas are rejected it’s usually because they have been presented badly, and not because they are bad ideas. Graphic Design: A… Read More