A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or company.

Advertising Concept Book (Second Edition) by Pete Barry citing Marty Neumeier

Set the scene quickly.

Unless there’s a reason to keep the listener guessing where the commercial is taking place, set the scene as quickly as you can (it will help the listener to imagine the situation straight away, and therefore understand the ad).

The last thing you want is for a listener to think, ‘Hang on, where am I? What’s going on?’

If you have to say that a melamine kitchen table is 100% scratch resistant, why not have the sound of someone tap-dancing on them in rough boots to prove your point?

Advertising Concept Book (Second Edition) by Pete Barry citing Tony Cullingham

Sound can be grand, subtle, complex, obscure, comical, spine chilling, or emotive.

Think about how a particular sound of an old song can make you feel; how it can transport you to a precise moment in time.

Long copy ads can be great. Even if a customer doesn’t read every word, it looks like the company has a lot to say.

Advertising Concept Book (Second Edition) by Pete Barry citing Ken Muir