Of course, the danger is that your passion spills over into obsession and you become a bore. Nobody wants to be one of those. I work in advertising but I don’t live it. Hegarty on Creativity by Sir John… Read More

In life, you will become known for doing what you do. That sounds obvious, but it’s profound. If you want to be known as someone who does a particular thing, then you must start doing that thing immediately…. Read More

You should start projects because you feel like you are going to either explode, or vomit, or both. You’ve gotta have that kind of burning desire in your stomach to do it. Kate Bingaman Burt for CreativeMornings/Findings 

Many entrepreneurs share innate character traits that make them more vulnerable to mood swings. People who are on the energetic, motivated, and creative side are both more likely to be entrepreneurial and more likely to have strong emotional… Read More