56. Karen Rudel, Owner of Sight Seeker’s Delight

Karen Rudel, owner of Sight Seeker’s Delight and contributor to the book My Paris Stories: Living, Loving, Leaping without a net in the city of Lights., one of the top guided walking tour companies in Paris, has +9 years’ experience… Read More

53. Julien Hérisson, Freelance Artistic Director

Freelance Art Director, Julien Hérrison has +7 years experience helping brands portray their unique selling proposition and distinguish themselves from their competitors.

52. Paul Johanet, Digital Account Executive

Digital Account Executive for Being, a network of TBWA and Omnicom, Paul Johanet has +3 years experience working with brands to create their brand identity through digital campaigns.

51. Gregory Ferembach, Art Director

Art Director for Y&R and author of ‘C’est Qui les Créas?,’ Gregory Ferembach has +6 years experience helping clients find the right idea to make advertising, print, digital and/or advertising campaigns.

48. Akim Zerouali, Art Director for Y&R

Art Director for Y&R, Akim Zerouali has +25 years experience interpreting briefs and coming up with advertising and branding solutions for clients.