It’s really difficult to have a consolidated view of your market. If you’re a brand and you have social media 20 platforms, it’s not impossible, but it’s difficult to have a consumer-centric view. It’s also very important NOT… Read More

Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving. David Ogilvy

For small companies on a budget, it’s better to focus on and be really efficient in 2-4 main social platforms (relevant to your demographic) than have 9 different profiles and not have enough time to make them of… Read More

For strategic branding to be successful in the long-term, you need to know: 1) How to use the various social media platforms to collect and analyze data on each platform your brand is represented on 2) How to… Read More

Brands sometimes have goals and expectations that aren’t always fully defined or researched. So you must first data mine to ensure your expectations are obtainable, and then convert that data into concrete Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to see… Read More

There’s often a big misunderstanding about the budget and time needed for advertising campaigns, especially on the web. Because it’s digital, it’s easy to assume it’s inexpensive and fast to launch, or at least that it’s less expensive… Read More

All the successful people I know are able to prioritize their responsibilities and dedicate themselves to the project at hand without getting distracted. To be efficient you have to be dedicated to what you’re doing at the moment,… Read More

Rely on trusted sources for inspiration because you learn a lot of things discussing with people. You need to find the most productive/efficient people you can and use them as a mentor/sounding board. Céline LePrince, Digital Producer for… Read More

For your branding strategy to be successful in the long-term, you need to know: 1) How to use the various social media platforms to collect and analyze data on each platform you’re represented on, 2) How to make… Read More

Data is the future of advertising. If you understand the importance of and can utilize data collection, treatment, and how to incorporate it into your branding strategy, then you have a strong chance of becoming a leader in… Read More

Focus on 1-2 objectives at a time, with all actions responding to these essential objectives. If your trying to accomplish multiple objectives, your advertising efforts won’t be as effective. 1-2 objectives max. Muriel Benitah, Account Manager for Ogilvy

You cannot have one source for inspiration, you must have many exchanges. The people you follow on your social media profiles share things with you and give you ideas. The people you associate with determine your level of… Read More

When pitching to a client or planning your advertising project, prepare a VERY detailed project outline. If you agree to ‘sell a website’ to a client at a set price, then afterwards the client wants more and more… Read More

As soon as you have a fan page, you also have to have a crisis strategy. Because as you’re opening a page, you’re letting the possibility for everybody and anybody to talk with you, but also to critique… Read More

Don’t invest so heavily in digital marketing such as banners that you’ve nothing left to spend on brand content. Put more money into producing quality brand content that advertises itself through word-of-mouth. Funny or useful media advertising advertises… Read More

44. Rory Sutherland, Vice-Chairman of Ogilvy

Executive Creative Director and Vice-Chairman for OgilvyOne in London, Vice-Chairman for Ogilvy & Mather UK, and IPA president, Rory Sutherland has +22 years experience exploring the stark discrepencies between theory and reality.

42. Ivan Pejcic, Strategic Planner

Strategic Planner for Ogilvy, Ivan Pejcic has +9 years experience inspiring outstanding advertising campaigns while acting as a truth-keeper and diving into the consumer’s mindset and understand how consumers feel and interact with the brand.

09. Hervé Thevenard, Financial Controller for Ogilvy

Financial Controller for Ogilvy, Hervé Thevenard has over 8 years experience monitoring advertising agency finances in running campaign projects.