Just because an advertising campaign works in one country with one demographic and culture, doesn’t mean it will work in another. You have to adjust your objective, your budget, and key performance indicators according to the demographic/market expand… Read More

If you’re completely rational, your behavior becomes completely predictable. And when you’re completely predictable, people can take advantage of you. The next revolution will be psychological not technological by Rory Sutherland

The software loading bar is the greatest psychological trick of all time. As long as you can see movement on the loading bar, you’re perfectly happy for almost any length of time. The next revolution will be psychological… Read More

All value is subjective. The next revolution will be psychological not technological by Rory Sutherland

Most decision making is impulsive. Rory Sutherland on influence for The Sunday School of Life Sermons

The role heuristics play in our decision making is grossly underestimated because we are unaware of their existance. Rory Sutherland on influence for The Sunday School of Life Sermons

Argument is a terrible vehicle for changing behavior. Rory Sutherland on influence for The Sunday School of Life Sermons

It’s important that we share behavioral economics, because it is an important insight into how we behave and act… it’s better for everyone to know it than for a few people to know it and use it to… Read More

The need to justify a decision actually makes a business worse, because it means that people do what is measurable rather than what’s important. It also means that they spend too much of their time concentrating on doing… Read More

Consumers do not make decisions in isolation individually uninfluenced by the behavior of others. Consumers make decisions based on the behavior of others because we do not choose what is fashionable; consumers have to work within an existing… Read More

Complimentary goods are products and/or services that go well together. Where the consumption of one thing increases the joy and value of the accompanying thing. Rory Sutherland for Creative Mornings

Most businessmen aren’t motivated by what is actually best for the business. Rather, they are more interested in the decision that is easy to sell, easy to justify, and unlikely to get them fired. Rory Sutherland for Creative… Read More

There is a fundamental difference between owner-run businesses, where the owner is allowed to be subjective, and manager-run businesses, where the person who makes the decision has to report on to somebody else. Rory Sutherland for Creative Mornings

The advertising community has broadly lost the trust of the audience. Copywriting for Design, Advertising, and Marketing by Mark Shaw quoting Will Awdry

If you’re trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language, the language they use every day, the language in which they think. Copywriting for Design, Advertising, and… Read More

For data mining, keeping up with the news is important because, for example, we’re in the middle of a crisis, which has an impact on the money consumers make, the money brands want to spend, and even how… Read More

It’s really easy to lose 90% of the people who are listening to you. For example, you could have the best content in the world, but with an ugly website, people will leave your website because it’s ugly…. Read More

A problem brands can have is investing too heavily in digital marketing on banners, etc – and nothing left to spend on brand content. The goal is for brands to put more money into producing quality brand content… Read More

The creative and commercial departments contribute fun ideas and viral videos. Data consultants contribute mathematics and data collection techniques. Data consulting is a small but important part of advertising. Thomas Palugan, Data Consultant for Ogilvy

Don’t neglect form over content. Even if you have strong ideas and very good solutions, one of the issues you need to deal with is the way you’re presenting your ideas. It’s one thing to have a good… Read More