63. Samantha Bilodeau on Data Mining Techniques & How To Predict Consumer Behavior

Data Miner for Ogilvy Paris, Samantha Bilodeau has +10 years experience analyzing data and helping brands discover their consumers on a deeper level. Continue reading “63. Samantha Bilodeau on Data Mining Techniques & How To Predict Consumer Behavior”

Improving customer service is about dealing with expectations and dealing with absolutely crucial points in the process more than just actually trying to improve everything evenly.

Nudge theory is very important because it says big problems can be solved by human-centered marketing thinking.

That’s why it’s vitally important for us to make noise about marketing’s ability to come up with solutions to problems.

Go after your customers and make them more loyal. Never forget that customer service is relative to expectation.

If you create some small unexptected element of surprise for the customer, that will make a huge difference.

The best briefs are when the creative team leaves the brief meeting with ideas already in their head.

If your brief is boring, or leaves the creative team with more questions than answers, or worst, demotivated, then your creative brief was a failure.

Include just enough information to spark creativity- you should be able to accomplish this in one page.

You should define a clear, concrete, and actionable objective.

‘Changing the mind of the consumer’ is too generic and isn’t active enough.

Brands need to know what precisely you want your consumer to do.

‘The best source of customers is your past customers.’

Therefore, you should ask yourself “What can I do to get people to come back?”

Because it’s much easier to retain a customer than it is to acquire one.

That’s useful to a small business just as much as to a large one.

You don’t necessarily have to have a perfect predictive model about how consumers behave and choose, be you at least have to be able to know how to ask better questions.

(Concerning hotels) If consumers have a bad check-in experience, they spend their stay confirming that the hotel is bad.

If consumers have a good check-in experience, they spend their stay confirming that the hotel is good.

Don’t start with advertising.

Start from the transaction out. Start close-in to the point of sale and work outwards. What are the barriers that prevent customers from doing business with you?

All human behavior is heavily influenced by the environment.

Humans interact with and respond to their environment far more than we are aware of at a conscious level.

If you want to change your own or someone else’s behavior, the first thing you can do is change the environment.

Sometimes one project can accomplish multiple objectives, but it can’t accomplish everything: increase sales, have better communication, be present on all social media platforms… and on a small budget.

Consumers have a tendency to believe that products that are heavily advertised are less likely to be crap than products that they’ve never heard of.

Understanding reciprocation. Big data and what you know about your customers doesn’t just give you an advantage over them, it gives them an expectation from you.

Consumers are more enticed by ‘50% extra free’ than they are to ‘33% off.’

A bonus is a different behavior to a bribe.

If you have to bribe people to buy your product it’s not an unreasonable assumption that the product may be a bit crap.