To do different things in life it costs money or time. Money is replaceable but time is not. Sometimes you go to events and you meet one person and you get one idea that pays you for a lifetime.

Your customers – or your competitor’s customers – are already out there telling you what they want. You just have to actually go look. It could be on Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, searching for (your competitor) + ‘sucks.’

As an entrepreneur, you need to be very confident in your ability to generate ideas and opportunities. If you only have one idea, don’t start a business. Why? Because even if you launch your business and protect it until you lunch, as soon as you’re successful you’re going to have ten people trying to copy it.

Provide free things for strategic people. Find lesser-known but heavily-trafficked websites who have your target audience and offer at website a high-quality in-depth review of their website and then share your advice with that website with no compensation requested. Some of those websites will send you traffic.

NEVER ask people ‘WOULD you buy my product/service.’ Polite people will give you ‘the mom response’: ‘Oh, that’s such a great idea! I would totally buy it!’ But when put on the spot will come up with excuses not to.

A swipe file is your archive of advertisements and websites that convinced you to buy or sign-up for something so that you can analyze why it convinced you to buy.