213. PressPausePlay: Digital, Before & Now. The Most Disruptive Thing to Happen to Humans to Date

185. Clemens Ruh on ‘Defining’ Music, Cover Design & How Music Shapes Emotion

Entrepreneur, composer, DJ and producer for film and cinema and other media, Clemens Ruh has +15 years experience creating and producing music for clubs like Distillery and Elipamanoke in Leipzig, Germany,

174. 10 Commandments to Making an Award-Winning Viral Music Video

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173. How Much It Actually Costs To Create Your Own ‘Viral’ Hit Song

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If you want to produce special work, it’s worth collaborating with special people. Hegarty on Creativity by Sir John Hegaty of BBH

It can be easy to settle on something that feels right. Something that seems to make sense of all the confusion. You’ll feel relief when you get to this point. You’ll think you’ve cracked it. You’ll feel good…. Read More

Rather than simply stating the facts most advertisers typically embed their message into creative contextual devices that evoke feelings and bypass rational resistance. This is why advertisers use stories, poems, slogans, songs, jokes, pictures, symbols, characters, roles, and… Read More

Loss Aversion: we hate losing what we’ve got. When we copy, we justify it. When others copy, we villify it. Most of us have no problem with copying – as long as we’re the ones doing it. Everything… Read More

The blank page is one of the greatest challenges faced by the creative person. When you’re creating something from nothing, the fear of failure is always there. This will compromise your idea. You have to be supremely confident… Read More

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Sound can be grand, subtle, complex, obscure, comical, spine chilling, or emotive. Think about how a particular sound of an old song can make you feel; how it can transport you to a precise moment in time. Advertising… Read More

A mnemonic is a ‘memory aid’ that helps people to remember your product or campaign. These can be visual, audio, or both using a memorable voice, or even a simple sound effect or jingle. Advertising Concept Book (Second… Read More

Reach inside and pull from the hearts of your audience. Pull from scripture (religion), songs (that they have sung together), and use those as a device to connect and resonate with your audience. Painting a picture of a… Read More

If a sound exists, it can be easily recorded, re-created, or imitated in the studio. And don’t forget about audio mnemonics (memory aids like jingles and voice overs), which can help to brand a product or campaign. Advertising… Read More

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Since emotions are so potent, it is important to handle them carefully when trying to create an emotionalized brand strategy. Emotions can make or break a brand, and once a mistake is made and you have an explosion,… Read More

Listeners respond most forcefully to emotional complexity, a depth of feeling enhanced by clever arrangements that kept throwing out surprises, and the back-and-forth between tension and release. Greg Kot “Are sad songs better?” (via peterspear)

Different music can change the mood of an ad entirely. The right track can take a commercial to another level. Often a great ad will promote (or re-promote) a song to chart-topping status. Advertising Concept Book (Second Edition) by… Read More

It always amazes me that while music can transform itself to appeal to the emotional aspirations of one generation to the next, consumer brands are just frozen in their history. Brand Jam by Marc Gobé

By changing certain interesting aspects of your website… people might long on regularly, just to see the latest lighting or graphics ‘show’ and tell their friends about it. Emotional Branding by Marc Gobé