A problem brands can have is investing too heavily in digital marketing on banners, etc – and nothing left to spend on brand content. The goal is for brands to put more money into producing quality brand content… Read More

Psychologists have found that there is no minimal requirement necessary for a person to feel a kinship with an in-group. It is not necessary for you to share any attitudes or traits with your fellow group members, or… Read More

Using an unnecessarily wide variety of fonts – or even using a small number of fonts in inconsistent ways – can contribute to that sense of clutter. The Elements of User Design by Jesse James Garrett

When a project fails, we take as our starting point the principle that it’s a conversation that didn’t work out the way it should have, but that doesn’t change anything from the fact that we made an effort… Read More

It’s pretty easy to come up with ideas. It’s pretty hard to make them real and get them to billions of people. And that’s to me what’s so exciting. Google Results Show Struggle With Mobile – NYTimes.com

You cannot achieve great design if you are just satisfied with minor improvements to existing designs. Jet>Lag by Jean-Marie Dru

Brands sometimes have goals and expectations that aren’t always fully defined or researched. So you must first data mine to ensure your expectations are obtainable, and then convert that data into concrete Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to see… Read More

Everytime I am told that something ‘must’ be done in such and such a way, I eventually find that the ‘must’ doesn’t hold quite the weight it’s meant to. Alvin Lustig in The Designer Says: Quotes, Quips, and… Read More

When people have trouble using complicated pieces of technology (such as websites): they blame themselves. They feel like they must have done something wrong. They feel like they weren’t paying enough attention. They feel stupid. The Elements of… Read More

There’s often a big misunderstanding about the budget and time needed for advertising campaigns, especially on the web. Because it’s digital, it’s easy to assume it’s inexpensive and fast to launch, or at least that it’s less expensive… Read More

Failure is absolutely required. Dave Peth, Senior Produce of Interactive Media at WGBH