219. Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise: Strategies & Systems to Improve Life

Published in 2016 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Tim Ferriss‘ book Tools of Titans offers the tactics, routines, and habits of 100+ billionaires, icons, and world-class performers to help humans better live healthy, wealthy, and wise.

218. How to Find A Job: 5 Basic Requirements Of An Attractive Linkedin Profile

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217. How to Find A Job: Applicant Tracking Systems Basics & How Candidates Are Qualified

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“Assume it’s going to work; assume it’s gonna happen. And if you take the assumption it’s going to happen and race after that inevitability; you’ll get there before everybody else.” –  Jason Calacanis for the documentary We Live… Read More

209. Self-Defense: What’s The Most Effective Self-Defense System to Learn As Quickly As Possible?

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207. Critical Thinking: A Panoply Examining The Anatomy & Strategy of a Rap Beat Masterpiece

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206. Why You Should Never Talk to The Police, And How The Police Get You to Talk

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205. User Interface Design: How Consumers Tell You What They Want

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204. Critical Thinking: How Donald Trump Uses Language to Persuade

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203. Joel Osteen on Overcoming Setbacks, Thoughts, & Enemies

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202. The End of Humanity? What Happens If Humans Disappear

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201. John Oliver On The Dangers Of Not Challenging Junk Science

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200! Critical Thinking: The Art of Pissing People Off From The World’s Greatest Internet Troll

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198. How to Tell Stories that Motivate, Inspire, Move, and Change People

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197. Sales & Customer Service Strategies From The Luxury Industry

Published in 2009, Robin Lent and Geneviève Tour’s book Selling Luxury offers brands 88 imperatives to connecting with affluent customers, creating unique experiences through impeccable service, and closing the sale.

196. Sex & Dating: Fetishes, Fantasy, and Spanking; Understanding What Turns You On

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194. What Makes Successful People Successful & How to Copy Them

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193. How to Grow Your Business: Turning Strangers Into Friends & Friends Into Customers

Published in 1999, Seth Godin’s book Permission Marketing explains how to grow your business by turning “strangers into friends, and friends into customers.”

192. How Diplomats Balance Confidentiality & Transparency In The Digital Age

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190. Why Humans Sleep, What Happens When They Do & The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

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