How do we know which books to read? There are so many to choose from we couldn’t read them all – not to mention the blogs and magazines – even if we wanted to. One of the ways we decide is by studying reading lists. And there’s no shortage of reading lists to choose from.

Emotional design is visibly sensorial and reaches our emotions faster than any other means of communication, yet it is the most under-leveraged of all communications approaches.

Brand Jam by Marc Gobé

People are never ready for any disruptive bold changes if you ask them. Emotionally, people will tell you a different story if you know how to listen and probe deeper into their subconscious to connect with their hidden dreams.

Brand Jam by Marc Gobé

Clients have a habit of failing to explain the stuff that to them is grindingly obvious. They are quick to accuse designers of failing to understand their business, yet they often make the mistake of not explaining what they understand implicitly. They just assume everyone knows what they know.

Where possible use packaging that can be reused, recycled or recovered. Whenever possible, design packaging so that it can be reused several times.