Karl Lagerfeld sends his Chanel models down the runway in amazing and stunning creations that the core Chanel customer couldn’t seriously contemplate wearing. Yet the customer is inspired by the designs, which appear in all of the magazines… Read More

A writer should be joyous and optimistic. Anything that implies rejection of life is wrong for a writer, and cynicism is rejection of life. Copywriting for Design, Advertising, and Marketing by Mark Shaw quoting George Gribbin

In most cases journalists have to create the story from scratch, usually by following leads. They will have to research the facts to get to the heart of the matter, discover the different viewpoints and opinions, and bring… Read More

If you can understand who you’re writing for, what you are really saying to them, what it takes to make this interesting, and how to shape your messages to suit their preferences, you will be writing professional copy…. Read More

Sell the benefits, not the features. Assume your customers say ‘so what?’ to every claim that you make, and then give them the answer before they’ve even thought about the question. You do the hard work for (your… Read More

Take any product; there are two main types of benefit: 1) Those (benefits) associated with the product as a type. 2) Those that distinguish your product from the competition. Copywriting for Design, Advertising, and Marketing by Mark Shaw

Every brief has three essential elements: 1) Profile of your target audience 2) Clarification of the core message 3) Good reason why target audience should be interested There is a lot more that can be included in a… Read More

Bad brand names spell disaster. There are always new foreign brands being highlighted online where the use of English doesn’t work, particularly if there is an international dimension involved. With instant translations online there is no excuse not… Read More

The rule of thumb is that if you create a brilliant brand name then it is bound to be registered somewhere. You have to be confident that the names you are presented are unrestricted and at this point… Read More

There are rarely strong arguments for rebranding an existing business with a strange new name, as the brand equity that has been built up over many years can be lost overnight. It is much better to retain the… Read More

Copywriting borrows from all other fields of writing in its quest for creative expression, but there is no room for your personality in the copy that you write; you are simply a scribe, a hired mouthpiece for your… Read More

Innovative graphic design is a powerful way to catch and hold the attention, but we’re becoming a bit blasé about stunning visuals, amazing concepts, and slick photography, and they no longer have the power to make us sit… Read More

The best way to write copy is to focus completely on the true nature of the target audience so that your messages are crafted with them in mind. This will produce compelling copy and your reader will feel… Read More

It is much better for people to want to buy from you than for you to have to sell to them. Copywriting for Design, Advertising, and Marketing by Mark Shaw

Copywriting is not about copying – it’s about communicating in an original way. All you need are some guidelines to help you figure out when your writing is good, and a little inspiration from some practitioners in the… Read More