Make your brand present, make it accessible and available – don’t shove it down the public’s throat and know when to temper its ubiquity. A little bit of exclusivity is always good. Emotional Branding by Marc Gobé

Increasingly, with the advent of mass-customization technology, Generation Y (born 1977-94) will be able to create their own product lines and further develop this yearn for individual expression. Emotional Branding by Marc Gobé

Generation Y (born 1977-94) craves a more direct interactivity and sensoral experience in marketing. In addition, they crave speed. The biggest challenge with Generation Y will be to keep abreast of their fast-moving lifestyle and quickly evolving taste…. Read More

Events are a great way to showcase brands in a festive, emotionally charged atmosphere – particularly to experience craving Generation Y (born 1977-94). This is the main reason why promotional events are gaining popularity in marketing. Emotional Branding by… Read More

Carefully crafted campaigns that articulate a brand’s interest in serving and empowering individuals and their surrounding community will succeed, regardless of race and ethnicity. Emotional Branding by Marc Gobé

Sensory experiences are immediate, powerful, and capable of changing our lives profoundly, but they are not used to their full extent in branding initiatives at the store level, in product development, packaging design, and advertising. Emotional Branding by Marc… Read More

Generation Y (born 1977-94) demonstrates an unprecedented sensitivity to global issues, such as poverty, war, environmentalism, as well as race, gender, or sexual orientation discrimination issues. Emotional Branding by Marc Gobé

Brands must recognize that their emotional identity is not only a result of ads and products, but also corporate policy and stances. The message can be sent in subtle ways that a company is supportive of the gay… Read More