The best branding will not just solicit a community, but help it feel bigger, better, larger, and more robust. Brand Jam by Marc Gobé

A common mistake occurs when agencies and clients try to replicate (i.e. plagiarize) previously successful interactive (advertising) ideas. The problem is that these ideas rarely compare with the original, brand-tailored concept. Brand Jam by Marc Gobé

Emotional design is feminized design. Women now have more influence than ever before on the way we see the world. Brand Jam by Marc Gobé

Provocation is not a brand strategy, just a short-term tactic to claim the spotlight. Emotional Branding by Marc Gobé

Very few decisions are made based on logic alone; yet at some point, instinct supersedes facts and data – what feels right becomes the dominant driver of our choices. Emotional Branding by Marc Gobé

Design to survive. Not unlike humans, brands also go through life stages: birth, growth, maturity, old age, rebirth for some, death for others. Brand Jam by Marc Gobé

It always amazes me that while music can transform itself to appeal to the emotional aspirations of one generation to the next, consumer brands are just frozen in their history. Brand Jam by Marc Gobé

(Design) mends the broken relationship between brands and people. Designers try to mix and match human sciences and intuitive innovation in order to understand market realities and bring a level of inventiveness back to the marketplace. Brand Jam by… Read More

Brands have literally shut off the excitement that people need to feel when purchasing a product. By relying on flawed consumer research, brands have taken on a look of ubiquity and sameness that has lead to a generic… Read More

Every mature brand has a maverick nemesis. Small startups have nothing to lose: they strive on risk and innovation, their investors are adept at financing those risks, and everyone speaks the same language. They stir things up and… Read More

Disturbingly provocative pictures can be beautiful and artistic. Those visuals help get people’s deepest emotions out. Brand Jam by Marc Gobé

Design is the most important part of technology; the more things are changing or improving, the better the design needs to be to allow consumers to understand, appreciate, and apply the technology. The curve of a phone tells… Read More

To do away with emotional branding is taking the risk of being put out of business by the next, cheaper, competitor with aggressive promotional strategies. Emotional Branding by Marc Gobé

It’s not enough to look at the contemporary trends and simply apply an element the competitors lack. Brand Jam by Marc Gobé

By changing certain interesting aspects of your website… people might long on regularly, just to see the latest lighting or graphics ‘show’ and tell their friends about it. Emotional Branding by Marc Gobé

New ideas are found outside of the mainstream, in the emergence of new cultural expressions. Brand Jam by Marc Gobé

An artist is not only the product of his music but also is visual identity onstage and his lifestyle offstage. The lesson here for brands is that the success of a brand is not based on the clarity… Read More

To build a leading business in e-commerce is to understand that the customer (not you!) will decide if you will win or lose. Emotional Branding by Marc Gobé

Humor should not be forgotten as a way to sell products! It is a bonding element between human beings: if you can make someone laugh, he will feel friendlier toward you and perhaps even remember you! Humor is… Read More

In the mad search for recognition, some e-commerce companies have, with varying degrees of success, created relationships with celebrities hoping that their popularity will carry the brand visibility through their endorsement. The desperation is so high among some… Read More