197. Sales & Customer Service Strategies From The Luxury Industry

Published in 2009, Robin Lent and Geneviève Tour’s book Selling Luxury offers brands 88 imperatives to connecting with affluent customers, creating unique experiences through impeccable service, and closing the sale.

Sometimes consumers want to save the planet; other times they want to selfishly show their discerning taste through ‘status’ symbols or buying an outrageous luxury brand. Brand Jam by Marc Gobé

(Concerning hotels) If consumers have a bad check-in experience, they spend their stay confirming that the hotel is bad. If consumers have a good check-in experience, they spend their stay confirming that the hotel is good. Rory Sutherland – The… Read More

While it is true that ‘to be recognized, you must be seen,’ a crucial part of a strong brand-presence program must also be to build the relevant emotional experience the brand provides at different points of contact with… Read More

There are plenty of good offers available from competitors and most (consumers) will shop around. Your first contact should be a moment to find out more about the future couple’s story. Everyone comes with a story that needs… Read More

Every complaint is an opportunity. Changing what was irritating or making one customer happy may prove to be an improvement for all of your customers. Selling Luxury by Robin Lent and Genevieve Tour

The customer is saying more than ‘I am not happy.’ She is giving the Sales Ambassador the chance to do something about it. Often, the customer who has complained and goes away satisfied is more loyal than before…. Read More

Packaging can raise our expectations of a product and make us reevaluate an entire category. We expect superior presentation from any wine packaging regardless of price, and an element of surprise and sensuality from a fragrance package. Emotional… Read More

Customers can feel it when individuals are only looking out for their own interests in making the sale. This ‘everyone for himself’ attitude is more than disagreeable. When personal conflicts are in play, they sometimes become more important… Read More

Customers want to make a statement about who they are and show their tastes. At times, they make purchases to be seen as belonging to a certain group. Other times, the reason can be distinctly opposite, they want… Read More

The additional sale. The proposal for an additional sale should always make sense. It should avoid being a closed question (‘Anything else?’ loses every time). Make the additional sale purchase part of the pleasure. Selling Luxury by Robin Lent… Read More

Objections are perfectly normal opportunities to convince and persuade your customer that she is making good decisions. Selling Luxury by Robin Lent and Genevieve Tour

In telling the story, the Sales Ambassador also gives customers something to share with others. Later, when they are showing the piece to someone else, they are able to pass on to others what they have learned. Selling… Read More

Consider how your copy lines can be brought to life with imagery and graphics, and be prepared to adjust your copy to facilitate the design treatment. One element must dominate the page, and if this is going to… Read More

Establish a person-to-person contact first, and then move into selling. Make every contact a pleasurable experience, whether it is someone who is purchasing or not. Selling Luxury by Robin Lent and Genevieve Tour

Loyalty begins with the first contact. Loyalty comes from trusting someone. There can be no loyalty without trust. Trust is something that is built with each contact. Selling Luxury by Robin Lent and Genevieve Tour

The brand has spent time and money with marketing, designers, craftsmen, and a variety of experts to choose the materials and make the creation, not to mention logistics, packaging, quality approval, testing, and the list goes on. If… Read More

People grow impatient when the instant gratification they are used to is not there. Because of this, when they have to wait, their expectations of the service become even higher than they would normally be. Selling Luxury by Robin… Read More

Aesthetics (in design) refers to the visual appearance of a work rather than its content or message – although any deep reading into the subject of aesthetics reveals that the two are inseparable. Graphic Design: A User’s Manual by… Read More

We want to differentiate our service and personalized attention so much that customers will feel uncomfortable, or in the best case scenario, will be unable to defect to another hotel. Even if they do stay somewhere else, their… Read More