Our rational mind is always looking for evidence to support our dominant beliefs…

the stronger the emotion, the stronger the belief, and the greater the tendency to seek out supporting evidence.

This confirmatory bias is why we often overlook the flaws of the ones we love, even if that loved one is a brand.

We focus our attention on the positive qualities of the brand while ignoring the deficiencies.

Creativity is an intellectual process, but it is also one driven by the heart.

‘What the heart knows today, the head will understand tomorrow.’

Hegarty on Creativity by Sir John Hegaty of BBH citing James Stephens

In the traditional ad business, we’re always reminding our client that consumer behavior is not rational.

We lecture them on emotion as a factor on buying decisions and brand preferences.

We explain to them that an ad is not a court case in which the best argument wins.

People are often very resistant to trying or doing something new, however logically compelling that alternative is.

Consumer.ology by Philip Graves

Address issues of money early. Those who don’t talk about money, don’t make it.