Brands must understand that it can sometimes take several months and multiple visits before a prospect actually becomes interested in your product/service and goes to the ‘I buy’ step.

Only paying attention to the surface level measurements of direct conversion rate and profitability of your media campaigns could actually be holding your business back.

Determine the top 10 or so landing pages and track every channel through which your visitors find you – no matter how miniscule; I track it to find its origin.

It might be a blog post comment you or somebody linked to from years before, or it might very well lead to an undiscovered community of people you didn’t even know existed.

If you’re receiving 1,000s of visitors who aren’t ‘converting,’ then begin researching in-depth where each and every visitor is coming from because you’re probably looking at one of two major problems:

1.) The visitors coming to your website aren’t people who care about what you offer, in which case you should either begin offering content relevent to these visitors or re-focus your attention to drawing visitors more interested in what you offer.

2.) The visitors coming to your website are people who care about what you offer, but something about your website is turning them away, in which case you should re-examine the design, text, content, purchase model, etc.

Most consumers don’t make purchases on their first visit, and instead return to the site multiple times before finally deciding to purchase.

Therefore brands using a multi-channel strategy and measuring the participation from each channel have greater visibility and thus greater chance of their visitors finding their way back to the website.

3 pilars for the base of your website:

1.) Acquisition. Know at any given time where your visiters come from? From which source they come from and to which landing page they arrive on? And the bounce rate for each of those landing pages?

2.) Conversion. What is the conversion rate of your registration and/or checkout form? What is the behavior of visiters prior to purchase?

3.) Loyalty. How do you retain your visiters and convince them to purchase? How good is your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) strategy?