239. 6 Hours with Recruiters: Upgrade Your CV, Find Hidden Job Offers & 10x Response Rates

17 videos. 148+ links. 292+ takeaways from this 6 hr training lesson:

[JOSHUA’S NOTE: Below are 6 hours of high-quality, curated content gleaned from professional recruiters and head hunters blended with my personal experience as a talent development specialist training over 15,000 professionals and university students, neatly bundled up and in one place.]


  1. The recruiter’s power & dilemma
  2. How Human Resources assess employees & candidates
  3. How recruiters find the ‘right’ talent
  4. How to get your profile & CV in front of recruiters
  5. How to find job openings and key hiring decision-makers
  6. How recruiters ‘flip’ leaders and potential candidates

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I’ve interviewed countless young designers and it’s bewildering to see how poor most of them are at communicating their merits. Many of them make it difficult for the interviewer to see their potential. The way you present your work – and yourself – is more important than the work you show. No matter how good it is, if you present it sloppily, or present yourself sloppily, you will struggle to find employment.