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240. 10 Hours with Recruiters: Post COVID-19 Job Interview Strategies & Response Templates

60 videos. 85+ links. 200+ takeaways from this 10 hr training lesson and 70 questions to test your mastery…

239. 10 Hours with Recruiters: Upgrade Your CV Template, Find Hidden Job Offers & 10x Response Rates

17 videos. 148+ links. 292+ takeaways from this 10 hr training lesson: [JOSHUA’S NOTE: Below are 10 hours of high-quality, curated content gleaned from professional recruiters and head hunters blended with my personal experience as a talent development specialist… Read More

228. Special Request: Anatomy of a Top Candidate Salary Negotiation

16 strategies taken from this negotiation roleplay:

79. Human Resources Management: Recruitment From Application To Offer (Pt. 2)

10 important takeaways from this video:

I’ve interviewed countless young designers and it’s bewildering to see how poor most of them are at communicating their merits. Many of them make it difficult for the interviewer to see their potential. The way you present your… Read More