When you start to become very good at persuasion, you can use it for good or nefarious purposes. Have a very ethical guideline between: ‘Who do we sell to, and who do we not sell to.’ Ramit Sethi on Google… Read More

One day my manager showed me a horrible graph. It was pretty simple: the graph was steady, then it dropped straight down, then after a short period, the line shot straight back up and stayed level again: “That’s… Read More

A true test of great character is when we can maintain it in the face of those who are rude, offensive and lack in basic morals and conduct. Mufti Ismail Menk

…Every feature of any product you intend to sell or monetize should strive to be as polished as reasonably possible and function just as your end-user expects it should. Don’t be one of those startups that delivers broken… Read More