Randomly pick a word from the dictionary. Try to make a connection between that word and your subject matter; this may conjure up a unique image or may be totally nonsensical. In any case, it will force you… Read More

People who attribute negative events to things about themselves that are hard to change and that affect a broad spectrum of their lives experience learned helplessness, which puts them at risk for depression and poor health, gives them… Read More

For inspiration, it’s important to nourish yourself – read, listen to music, and browse the Internet. Always expand your knowledge in your domain. Information is everywhere, stay caught up. Ignacio Rodriguez, International Account Manager for TBWA

People always say advertising is very expensive, but you have to have professional experts around. Until you can afford professionals, go to marketing and communications stores and read about successful case studies to learn techniques and see what… Read More

You can look to your competitors for inspiration. Anyone else in the same business is almost certainly trying to meet the same user needs and is probably trying to accomplish similar product objectives as well. Has a competitor… Read More

Don’t necessarily have a set routine, but read a lot of magazine articles and photobooks on diverse subjects.These articles usually reference websites. If you like what you see and read, visit the website. Rémi Noel, Creative Director for TBWA

Google is a great starting point for approaching a problem or situation. Simply type in a word and hit define, and literally millions of ideas are at your disposal within seconds to get you started. The inspiration you… Read More

Many professional agencies work for free for non-profit agencies in exchange for freedom to do what they want. This is because most paying clients impose demands and limitations as to what their advertising can be. This can be… Read More

Rely on trusted sources for inspiration because you learn a lot of things discussing with people. You need to find the most productive/efficient people you can and use them as a mentor/sounding board. Céline LePrince, Digital Producer for… Read More