A designer’s best asset is not the ability to be brand specialists, but their instinct to see the interconnectedness of the world in a humanistic way. Brand Jam by Marc Gobé

Design is about solving problems that humans have, not problems that products have. Mills Baker. “Designer Duds” (via peterspear)

Photography is not about how many lights you have. It is about spotting beauty. Fashion photographer Mario Testino (via thetalks)

Anyone can have an idea. In fact, lots of people find it easy to have lots of ideas. The secret is in identifying which ideas are great and which ideas are just the outpourings of a deranged mind…. Read More

Typography is important because it carries the message of a brand. Very often you can tell what a brand is going to say to you just by looking at the typography before you even read the words. Stewart… Read More

Lying is different from bullshit. When you lie, you know what the truth is but you intentionally misrepresent it. In a way bullshit is more insidious because people who bullshit often don’t know what the truth is and… Read More

It’s not just 26 letters in the English alphabet, a brand font has to have a personality; it has to be read by a five year old as much as by an 80 year old; it has to… Read More

The most valuable thing a brand can give anybody today is clarity and simplicity. James Fox, Chief Creative Officer at Red Peak

The blank page is one of the greatest challenges faced by the creative person. When you’re creating something from nothing, the fear of failure is always there. This will compromise your idea. You have to be supremely confident… Read More

The conscious mind will leap to conclusions, forming a coherent narrative based upon partial information. This strong tendency to draw conclusions from incomplete information is a cognitive rule called ‘what you see is all there is.’ Consistency and… Read More

Design is the glue between people and corporations. But brands can sometimes give splintered messages and forgettable offerings that don’t excite people. Between advertising, packaging, product design, public relations, Web communication, and the look and feel of their… Read More

Find out why things go where they go. Find out why particular scenes in a particular film sequence are edited together or in the fashion they are or in the time that they are and the way that… Read More

It’s important to understand the history of typography. Not every graphic designer knows this, but it’s very important because typography evolves alongside technology, and the shape of typography is created by technology. We now have millions of different… Read More

If you’re in an industry where customer expectation is low, then it doesn’t take much effort to stand out from your competition. 44. Rory Sutherland, Vice-Chairman of Ogilvy

You should define a clear, concrete, and actionable objective. ‘Changing the mind of the consumer’ is too generic and isn’t active enough. Brands need to know what precisely you want your consumer to do. 42. Ivan Pejcic, Strategic… Read More

Read shit and you’ll think shit and you’ll create shit. Hegarty on Creativity by Sir John Hegaty of BBH

Industries where the packaging design is nearly identical is likely due to supplier limitations or governmental regulations or maybe that all of the ‘competing’ products are actually owned by the same parent company who find it more economical… Read More

What we project onto a drawing or symbol is what we see in our own minds. It allows our imagination to engage in a deeper way as our mind is stimulated. Brand Jam by Marc Gobé

If your idea or message is too complicated it will bewilder and confuse your audience. Even in business they say complexity destroys profitability. But make sure you don’t trivialize your idea either. If that happens, what you’re saying… Read More

From the naming of the company to the tone of the advertising and the flair of a retail space or Web site, a brand’s emotional personality must reflect a tight set of emotional values deployed in a consistent… Read More