When you’re trying something new, you’re in a very vulnerable place. You’re not even sure if it’s the right thing to do. Ramit Sethi on Google Talks

I know people in tech who love who say ‘Just keep it short! Just keep it concise! Just give with what they need!’ Totally wrong. If you see a page that’s educational, informative; that’s got people like you,… Read More

When you start to become very good at persuasion, you can use it for good or nefarious purposes. Have a very ethical guideline between: ‘Who do we sell to, and who do we not sell to.’ Ramit Sethi on Google… Read More

Efficiency doesn’t build relationships. Quarterly-update newsletters get skimmed and don’t resonate at all. I would rather get a quick 5-line personal email is so much more effective than a BCC: blast. Ramit Sethi on Google Talks

Who would ever read a 30 page long sales pitch? Only the buyers. Ramit Sethi on Google Talks

Long (content) emails and blog posts filter out the illiterate people who un-subscribe which means the people who are left are highly-committed and want to read it provided it’s adding value and really interesting and engaging. Ramit Sethi on Google… Read More

Avoid too many distractions and options. There are an infinite number of things that you could do. Determine the four or five key big wins that matter, and then let the rest of the stuff fall away. Ramit… Read More

‘What do you do?’ ‘Where do you live?’ These are questions you will answer almost all of your lives. And yet most of us never test different responses. And just the simple way you word it can get… Read More

Learn how to change your behavior, and then your attitude will follow. This is a very different approach from what most of us are taught. Ramit Sethi on Google Talks

Instead of fighting against criticism. Co-opt it and make them your ally. Ramit Sethi on Google Talks