Respect don’t revere.

Putting anyone on a pedestal is dangerous. It implies they’re better than everyone else; but they’re not.

We’re all stepping-stones for the next generation.

Hegarty on Creativity by Sir John Hegaty of BBH

Today’s youth view content such as music as a form of free public service.

So business models that charge for access to content isn’t as lucrative or acceptable today as it was in the past.

Brands must take the changing generation’s beliefs into consideration.

Consider the cultural barriers preventing the consumer from hearing your message.

Because we know Millenials are looking to be curators of information, brands can reach them by helping them shine socially.

Research shows that today’s consumer is being more and more sensitive, skeptical, and complex. They need more of a ‘soft sell.’ This approach, due to its relative subtlety, is a lot tougher to pull off than a hard sell. So start thinking in terms of creating soft sell ads. But make sure you don’t think so soft that it’s unclear what you’re trying to sell. In other words: think hard, sell soft.

The old communications tricks will not work. Cyncism is huge among the public, and certain generations (especially Gen Y, the first generation to be marketed to ‘from the crib’) just hate advertising with all its excesses.

Emotional Branding by Marc Gobé