From the naming of the company to the tone of the advertising and the flair of a retail space or Web site, a brand’s emotional personality must reflect a tight set of emotional values deployed in a consistent way.

Brand Jam by Marc Gobé

What makes a great event is great promotion and a press kit will help dispel every component of your brand.

Event promotion should consist of press releases, emails and phone calls. The event should receive coverage on TV, radio, print and online if a press release is sent out before and after an event.

The press kit distribution is crucial to your media contacts receiving all necessary information, as well as a personal invitation to the event.

Most broadcast stations have a public service quota to fill. If your event helps the greater good, creating a short radio spot will not only gain free advertising, but will convey the not for profit essence of your event.

Don’t have a philanthropic element to your event? It’s the perfect incentive to team up with one and give back to your community.

Give your event a landing page, website and/or social media profile.

In terms of digital marketing, the event should have it’s own social media pages and allow for sharing and RSVPs.

Include key messages and constant updates to inform and attract.

This is your outlet to drive the media and customers attention in order to drive attendance and sales.

Capturing and providing pictures of your event, your products or whatever else works with what your event revolves around will increase your chances of media sharing information about your event.

Digital images will increase the shareability and search visibility, while giving your audience a visual connection to your event, as if they were there.

Creating the appropriate mood around a product – be it by staging an exciting event, wrapping a ‘hot’ celebrity around it, giving it to people when they’re having fun doing something else, or making them feel they’ve got a great bargain – can boost a brand’s appeal precisely because of the phenomenon of unconscious misattribution.

Consumer.ology by Philip Graves

Sound can be grand, subtle, complex, obscure, comical, spine chilling, or emotive.

Think about how a particular sound of an old song can make you feel; how it can transport you to a precise moment in time.

All human behavior is heavily influenced by the environment.

Humans interact with and respond to their environment far more than we are aware of at a conscious level.

If you want to change your own or someone else’s behavior, the first thing you can do is change the environment.

Reach inside and pull from the hearts of your audience.

Pull from scripture (religion), songs (that they have sung together), and use those as a device to connect and resonate with your audience.

Painting a picture of a new bliss using the very things inside of them that they already hold as sacred.

Light levels have an effect on brain chemistry: light regulates the body clock and is associated with the release of serotonin, which plays an important role in the regulation of mood, anger, and aggression.

Consumer.ology by Philip Graves

What helps you think? Simply absorb yourself in anything and everything: movies, poetry, photography, art, novels, newspapers, current events, sports, etc. Without question, the best advertising people are renaissance people.

Each generation has different expectations and desires. new trends are constantly evolving, such as concern for the environment, the treatment of animals, a better planet, a healthier lifestyle, and our ever-growing need to explore new experiences in products.

Emotional Branding by Marc Gobé

For those industries in which a points program (such as airline frequent flyer miles) can be implemented it’s a remarkably inexpensive way to attract and keep exactly the right people.