144. Eric Ries & Ondi Timoner’s 10 Lean Content Rules to Launch A Successful Project

[EDITOR’S NOTE: As one of 9,677 Kickstarter backers for Eric Ries’ The Leader’s Guide, I was given complimentary access to The Lean Content Kickstarter Full ECourse. Here are a few of my takeaways gleaned from this course. Click… Read More

72. William Channer on How to Build a Successful Podcast & Reconsidering Your Comments Section

Designer, founder and journalist, William Channer has +10 years experience enabling and inspiring startups through apps, books and podcasts on advertising, business, design and technology.

When you have a large number of customers, you can’t get to know all of them intimately and so you must make certain assumptions about them. But when you have a small startup your customer base is smaller… Read More

For any particular piece of advice, I can find somebody who: 1) Followed that advice and made a lot of money 2) Didn’t follow that advice and made a lot of money 3) Followed that advice and didn’t… Read More

A pivot is a structured course correction designed to test a new fundamental hypothesis about the product, strategy, and engine of growth. Wikipedia: Pivot

Did I even need to be here (during the last six months) given that all my work was thrown away?’ Why was it worth having done all this work in the first place? ‘Because you learned something.’ A… Read More

If you don’t know who your customer is, how do you build the project? Which customer should you sit down with next to the engineer or designer and tell them what to do? Entrepreneurs are working on products… Read More

We all know that when big companies buy startups, at least half the time, they die afterwards. So big companies buy something for hundreds of millions of dollars, and then wind up selling it years later for tens… Read More

If you can get the real story about what actually happened at the early stages of a company, you will find out that successful startups do no have better ideas than the failed ones. Contrary to what you… Read More

Software companies can build anything they can imagine. The dominant question of our time is not can it be built, but should it. And the issue is can we build a sustainable business around a particular product? The… Read More

We all know that most startups fail. As an engineer, I’ve had over and over again the experience of working on amazing technology that today is sitting on a shelf or worse, that nobody is using. I kept… Read More

Imagine working for a company where, if you could come up with a better way to do your job, not only would you be penalized (for being seen as a liar before you pointed it out), so would… Read More

The future of our society, of our economic growth, the GDP of industrialized countries is going to be dependent upon the quality and character of our collective imaginations. The Lean Startup presentation by Eric Ries

The biggest waste that product development faces today is not building things inefficiently, but building things that nobody wants. The Lean Startup presentation by Eric Ries

Focus groups kept saying things like: ‘Let me try it out first and see if it’s cool, then I’ll invite my friends.’ In the video game industry this means single-player mode. So we built a single-player version of… Read More