A mnemonic is a ‘memory aid’ that helps people to remember your product or campaign. These can be visual, audio, or both using a memorable voice, or even a simple sound effect or jingle.

Usability means making sure something works well, and that a person of average ability or experience can use it for its intended purpose without getting hopelessly frustrated.

Websites vs. Microsites. Websites refer to the main website for a brand. Microsites (or mini-sites) refer to sites that are specific to a single message or campaign and are therefore separate from the main website. However, sometimes successful microsites become the main brand website.

A site can be an ad in itself. So can email. Try to create a webstite that makes consumers want to enter their email so they can be targeted again via subscription (until they choose to unsubscribe).

Plagiarism is ‘taking and using another person’s ideas as one’s own.’ Plagiarism is either:

– Perfectly innocent (coincidence)

– Subconscious (you saw it before but didn’t realize it)

– Intentional (you’re hoping you won’t get caught)

Complimentary goods are products and/or services that go well together. Where the consumption of one thing increases the joy and value of the accompanying thing.

Rory Sutherland for Creative Mornings