Senior men have no monopoly on great ideas. Nor do creative people. Some of the best ideas come from account executives, researchers and others.

Encourage this; you need all the ideas you can get.

David Ogilvy (via Daanish Siddiqui

If you’re trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language, the language they use every day, the language in which they think.

Copywriting for Design, Advertising, and Marketing by Mark Shaw quoting David Ogilvy

I find if I drink two or three brandies, or a good bottle of claret, I’m far better able to write. I also find that if I listen to music, this loosens me up. I also fiind that if I read the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations for 15 minutes, this may start trains of thought.

David Ogilvy