If you’re receiving 1,000s of visitors who aren’t ‘converting,’ then begin researching in-depth where each and every visitor is coming from because you’re probably looking at one of two major problems:

1.) The visitors coming to your website aren’t people who care about what you offer, in which case you should either begin offering content relevent to these visitors or re-focus your attention to drawing visitors more interested in what you offer.

2.) The visitors coming to your website are people who care about what you offer, but something about your website is turning them away, in which case you should re-examine the design, text, content, purchase model, etc.

Our selective attention is continually screening out a huge amount of information but that doesn’t mean that this information isn’t being processed.

While we are not consciously processing it, our unconscious mind can be changed by what passes through it, leaving us with no ability to report it accurately after the event.

Consumer.ology by Philip Graves

Identify the top websites in your sector, and deconstruct their website’s logic.

Prosperous brands organize their websites and social media platforms on the advice and research of very expensive media agencies studies, advice, and data.

Reverse engineer their behavior and use it to your advantage. There’s nothing wrong with incorporating and adapting what the top websites are doing.