100! Critical Thinking: Keys To Critical Thinking & Thinking About Dubious Claims

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102. Critical Thinking: How Cognitive Biases Influence Consumers Online

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105. Critical Thinking: Perceptual & Cognitive Biases – Fast & Slow Thinking

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109. Critical Thinking: ESP, Psychic Abilities and The Vividness Problem

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114. Critical Thinking: Limits To Intelligence Testing And If (A) then (C)

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120. Critical Thinking: How & When To Override The Autonomous Mind

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127. Critical Thinking: Linguistic Tricks Con-Artists Use To Manipulate You

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135. Critical Thinking: How To Convince People You Know Them Very, Very Intimately

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143. Critical Thinking: Learning Languages & The Benefits of A Multilingual Brain

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153. Critical Thinking: How Personal and Subjective Validation Distorts Perception

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171. The Fermi Paradox: Why We Haven’t Met Aliens & What Would Happen If We Did

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187. Critical Thinking: 8 Biases That Hinder Progress In The Workplace

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188. Critical Thinking: How to Build A Career You’re Proud Of Without Burning Bridges

Published in 2003, Richard Templar’s book The Rules Of Work: A Definitive Code For Personal Success outlines 108 rules to make your mark and move up in the corporate world as quickly and efficiently as possible.

195. Louis C.K. on How To Overcome Weaknesses & Reach Success

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198. How to Tell Stories that Motivate, Inspire, Move, and Change People

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201. John Oliver On The Dangers Of Not Challenging Junk Science

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204. Critical Thinking: How Donald Trump Uses Language to Persuade

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207. Critical Thinking: A Panoply Examining The Anatomy & Strategy of a Rap Beat Masterpiece

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208. Critical Thinking: Why You Believe You’re Right Even When You’re Wrong

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210. Critical Thinking: 3 Ways Arab Businesswomen Can Find Equality In Male-Dominated Societies

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